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Tropical Milkweed - 3701

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Asclepias currassavica (Asclepiadaceae)
An introduced species of the subtropics that has naturalized throughout North America. Considered an annual, easily started from seed. The alluring, bright orange and yellow flower bouquet are concentrated in compact clusters at the top of branching stems. An important nectar source for Monarchs and a wide variety of other butterfly species, pollinators and hummingbirds. Prefers full sun to partial shade and is not extremely temperamental about soil types. Blooms all season, transplants well, deer and rabbit resistant! When growing in the southern climates, we recommend cutting it back at the end of the season.

Average Planting Success with this species: 80%
Height: 3 - 4 feet
Germination: 15 - 45 days
Optimum Soil Temp. for Germination: 65°F - ­75°F
Sowing Depth: 1/16th"
Blooming Period: April - First Frost
Average Seeds Per Pound: 186,000
Seeds Per Packet: 125 - covers 20 sq.ft.
1 oz Covers: 545 sq. ft.
Seeding Rate: 5 lbs per acre

Suggested Use: Butterfly gardens, meadows, tall borders, disturbed areas.

Miscellaneous: The stem, when broken, produces a milky white sap characteristic of this plant family. With age, plants will become woody. Tropical Milkweed can be cut back and will resprout from the plants base rather quickly.

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