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Layia platyglossa (Asteraceae)
A short, hardy annual native to California, but can be grown as far east as Texas. Seed should be sown after the last frost for best results. The attractive yellow flowers are isolated on elongated stems fringed with snow-­white tips. Very drought tolerant once established. Prefers very well-­drained soil in full sun.

Suggested Use: Borders, rock gardens, mass plantings, raised beds.
Miscellaneous: A compact, rapid growing annual with unlimited use around the garden.

Average Planting Success: 60%
Height: 12 - 14 inches
Germination: 10 - 30 days
Optimum Soil Temp. for Germination: 70°F - ­75°F
Sowing Depth: 1/16"
Blooming Period: March - May
Average Seeds Per Pound: 350,000
Seeds/Pkt: 225 - covers 15 sq.ft.
1 oz Covers: 454 sq.ft.
Seeding Rate: 6 lbs. per acre

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