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Texas Paintbrush - 3202

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Castilleja indivisa (Scrophulariacea)

An upright, hairy annual, perennial or biennial herb native to Texas with single erect stems and a slender taproot. The terminal red-orange flower color is a misconception. Actually the flower is tiny, creamy white to pale yellow, encircled by the red-orange leaf-like bracts. The seeds are very small and should be sown directly on the soil surface. Adapted to well-drained areas in full sun. Not the easiest variety to cultivate, but the lure of such magnificent flowers certainly compensates for the effort.

Suggested Use: Gardens, roadsides, open meadows, mixtures. Creates ribbons of color for miles along Texas highways in the spring. Does not transplant well. Requires a period of time to become established.

Average Planting success: 40%
Height: 8 - 24 inches
Optimum Soil Temp. for Germination: 55°F - 65°F
Sowing Depth: Surface Sow
Blooming Period: April - June
Average Seeds Per Pound: 5,100,00
Seed/Pkt: 5,600 - covers 50 sq.ft.
1 oz Covers: 10,890 sq. ft.
Seeding Rate: 1/4 lb. per acre

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