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Blue Grama - 3803 - Price is per Pound

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(Bouteloua gracilis) - 
One of the most important native range grasses is Blue Grama. It is a long-lived, warm season, short grass that is considered to be one of the most palatable grasses available. Blue Grama is a sod forming, fine textured grass that grows 8 to 12 inches tall on the range. The foliage is grayish green curling to gray or straw yellow. Blue Grama has a good tolerance to low temperatures, alkali soils and is extremely drought resistant. Under moisture stress the foliage goes dormant. It greens up quickly when the moisture is received. Blue Grama can be left un-mowed for grazing or it can be mowed for forage. Blue Grama is widely adapted to all soil types from sandy to clay loams. It is adapted throughout the Central United States north to the Canadian border, as well as the Great Lakes Region, Arizona and Southern California.

Seeding Rates:
10 pounds/acre
1 lb covers: 4,300 sq ft

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