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Blanketflower - 3219

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Gaillardia aristata (Asteraceae)

A hardy, drought tolerant perennial found throughout much of the United States. Easily established from seed, it frequently forms dense colonies of brilliant red flowers with yellow rims. Thrives in full sun in well-drained areas. Occasional watering will extend the blooming period. Allow seed heads to completely dry prior to trimming. This will aid in reseeding for the following year.

Average Planting Success: 60%
Height: 1½ - 2 feet
Germination: 15 - 45 days
Optimum Soil Temp. for Germination: 70°F - 75°F
Sowing Depth: 1/8"
Blooming Period: May - September
Average Seeds Per Pound: 132,000
Seeds/Pkt: 145 - Covers 20 sq. ft.
1 oz Covers: 272 sq. ft.
Seeding Rate: 10 lbs. per acre

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